Post-Divorce Vacation Tips for Parents

Bucks County divorce lawyers help divorced parents & their children move on with vacations & life.Even an amicable divorce can be a stressful situation. Afterwards, many newly divorced men and women want to take a vacation to de-stress. In order to make sure the experience is filled with relaxation and does not end in more anxiety, divorced parents may want to follow a few steps.

Choose the Right Weekend or Week

Parents who want to take their children on a trip post-divorce should make certain the dates work with their child custody arrangement. In addition, they should also consider the importance of certain days. For instance, if a child’s birthday falls over the course of the vacation, the parent not with the child may feel angry and slighted. Similarly, a recently divorced father planning a trip with the kids over Mother’s Day should probably reconsider.

Start With a Mini Trip

While moms and dads may feel the need for a little break, children might think otherwise. Kids who have gone through a divorce often feel off-kilter. What they crave is a bit of stability. A week in the Bahamas may sound like fun to their parent, but they might be better off with a Friday through Sunday adventure at a nearby beach.

Make Arrangements Together

The weekend seems to fit exactly in the custody schedule. So what could go wrong? The answer is that the parent without custody that weekend deserves to know where his or her children will be. One way to ruffle feathers is to suddenly take all the children away for a week without telling the other parent. If the divorce has been unpleasant, discussions can be made through the divorce attorneys.

Wait to Introduce a New Romantic Partner

The first big vacation after a divorce may not be the best occasion to introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the kids. Not only does this make the vacation awkward, but it can lead to questions from the ex-spouse when the children return and start talking about the trip. Even if the kids have already met the romantic partner, they will probably want down time just with their parent.

Be Open to Giving Children Contact With the Other Parent

Kids on vacation should not feel as if they have zero access to the parent who is not along for the trip. Therefore, moms and dads can arrange for video call sessions in addition to texting and phone calls. These do not have to be meticulously laid out unless the other parent has a tricky schedule or wants the security of knowing when a call will come.

Understand That Emotions May Arise

Both the divorced parent and the children may be venturing out on a vacation solo for the first time in their lives. This can be exciting but also overwhelming. Some feelings will pop up on occasion, including hurt or resentment. Not only is this natural, but it should be anticipated as part of the healing process.

Bucks County Divorce Lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. Help Divorced Parents and Their Children Move on With Vacations and Life

Divorce may seem like an end, but it is actually a beginning. Parents can help their children see that life goes on, and they can get some much-needed downtime in the process by planning a trip. If you are a parent considering divorce and would like a free consultation, please contact the caring Bucks County divorce lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. at 888-999-1962. You can also contact us online. Our offices are conveniently located in Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Pinehurst, North Carolina.