Maintaining Relationships After Divorce

Bucks County divorce lawyers help clients navigate the divorce process.Often, the more serious or intimate a relationship is, the more complicated they tend to become. Those relationships where both parties are willing to work to maintain the health of each person generally provide more love than harm, making all the work and trials worth the effort. Sometimes, even continuing a relationship after a breakup, like staying in touch with an ex-spouse’s family or friends after a divorce, can require time, patience and communication for all parties involved. However, the benefits of staying close with your ex’s family can be many, especially when there are children involved.

A breakup or divorce can have a rippling effect throughout a family or group of friends even though it begins with two people’s decision. This is especially true if the original relationship or marriage lasted a long time. Many fruitful and healthy relationships can form by the joining of two families in a marriage.

Deciding to divorce does not necessarily mean you have to end all the relationships that developed over the course of your marriage. It is possible to keep those relationships flourishing for years to follow. The key to this, as with all relationships, is communication and respectfulness. The following are tips that can help you maintain those relationships with an ex’s family or friends, even if the original relationship had ended.

Tips to Stay in Touch


Of course, both parties must feel comfortable with continuing a relationship after one had stopped. If you would like to stay in touch with your ex’s family, make sure that the feeling is mutual. Then, communicate these feelings to your ex, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Leaving your ex in the dark and visiting their family without them knowing can put everyone in an uncomfortable position.

Set Rules

If your ex and their family are open to you maintaining a relationship, it is important to discuss your expectations and boundaries. Maintain a strong level of trust for everyone involved. If your ex’s family invite you to a holiday gathering and you oblige, you want make sure your ex knows. All lines of communication must be open.

Know When to End It

If you or your ex have moved on to another romantic partner, it may be best to take a break from visiting your ex’s family. As with all relationships, it is wise to think about the situation in the shoes of the other person. The important part is to learn from all your relationships, and to be sure to communicate as much as possible in order for all parties to feel comfortable to grow together.

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