Divorce Rates Increase in Summer Months

Bucks County divorce lawyers make proceedings less stressful for clients in the summer months.Summer typically has positive connotations, including dips in the pool and late-night fireworks. However, it is actually one of the most active times for couples considering divorce. Why? There are several reasons behind this phenomenon.

Reason 1: Children Are Out of School

Parents contemplating a divorce during the school year tend to worry about how it will affect their child’s grades and school projects. During the summer, they are less likely to be concerned about that aspect of the divorce. They may even see the warmer months as a chance to reconnect with children individually and smooth the waters of change.

Reason 2: It Is a Good Time to Change Schools

In regards to children, summer provides the right moment to switch kids from one school district to another. Instead of moving a child mid-year, which can add to the stress of the divorce, moving during June, July, or August seems less disruptive emotionally and academically.

Reason 3: Housing Is Booming

In most areas, the housing inventory goes on the upswing during the late spring and summer months. Divorcing parents looking for a place to buy or rent find it simpler to choose between more options, especially if they want to remain in a certain community.

Reason 4: Couples Spend Time Together

If a married couple is having a rocky period, going on vacations or even so-called “staycations” can magnify difficulties. The more time they spend together, the more obvious it can become that they no longer see eye to eye. Consequently, late summer and early fall often are busy times in divorce attorneys’ offices.

Reason 5: Families Have More Time to Talk

Many people spend more time with their family members than normal during the summer. For instance, a spouse may take a trip across the country to visit siblings. Once there, they may lament about the marriage, giving them the chance to open up and visualize how different life could be after divorce. Sometimes, these discussions help cement the decision to follow-through with a divorce upon returning home.

Reason 6: Kids May Not Be at Home Much

Parents who have been talking about divorcing may finally have the time they need to plan for divorce proceedings if their children are away at overnight camp or with relatives. Having this opportunity to map out a healthier divorce with the help of a family law attorney can pave the way for compassionate discussions when the children return.

Bucks County Divorce Lawyers at Freedman & Lorry, P.C. Strive to Make Divorce Proceedings Less Stressful for Clients in the Summer and Year-Round

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