Tips to Consider Before Marriage

Bucks County divorce lawyers assist with prenuptial agreements before marriage.More than 2.2 million marriages take place annually across the United States. Not surprisingly, most people who are getting married think about living happily ever after. However, they might be wise to do some realistic planning before tying the knot. Not only can a little pragmatism go a long way, but it can help clear up issues than can lead a marriage to end in divorce.

Below are four topics that all couples preparing to walk down the aisle should think about and talk through in advance of their special day.

Discuss the Tough Times

If married partners stay together long enough, they will inevitably experience ups and downs. These events cannot be predicted and often come out of the blue. Having conversations in advance helps make sure both parties are on the same page.

For instance, what happens if one person becomes disabled or loses a lucrative job? How about if either party’s parents require financial help down the road? These may not seem like deal breakers when taken theoretically, but they can lead to fights and friction later if they have not been mentioned previously.

Talk to a Counselor

Attending regular appointments with a couples’ counselor may seem unnecessary, but it paves the way for healthier discussions years later. Some couples like to sit down with a religious authority before they say “I do.” Others attend sessions with therapists who specialize in helping couples develop good communication abilities.

Speaking with a counselor early and often sets the couple on better footing. It also encourages them to deal with unpleasant or challenging circumstances early rather than letting bad feelings fester.

Take Red Flags Seriously

People in love can make rash decisions, such as getting married despite obvious red flags. Lies, infidelity, control, and negativity can be easy to overlook early in a relationship. After marriage, these same attributes can wind up being the reason for a divorce.

Every person who wants to get married owes it to themselves to be as objective as possible about their future spouse’s good and bad sides. Otherwise, they may become so blinded that they make a misstep that holds them back from achieving their dreams.

Find a Financial Partner

Problems with spending and differences in financial behaviors can cause marriages to fall apart. Setting aside time talking about the way money should be handled and spent can be a huge asset to any couple going into a marriage.

Financial planners and financial management coaches can provide assistance for couples who are not sure how to set themselves up for fiscal freedom rather than money clashes.

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