Tips for a Fair Divorce Settlement

Even in the most amicable divorce, each spouse should take certain measures to ensure that their divorce settlement is fair. When trying to reach a fair divorce settlement, it may be necessary to contact an attorney. There are several issues that must be addressed during divorce; resolving them equitably will assist couples in coming to a fair agreement. Many factors go into a fair divorce settlement, however, there are four main topics of negotiation.

Child Custody

If divorcing parents are unable to come to an agreement on their own, a judge will determine a child custody arrangement for them. In making this determination, the judge must first consider the best interests of the child. They may look to each spouse’s parenting skills, what would provide the most stability for the child, and whether either parent has a history of alcohol or drug abuse, among other factors. To avoid undesirable arrangements, parents should attempt to develop their own parenting plan that they each feel is fair and is in the best interests of the child.


Spouses may either agree to a spousal support arrangement or face the possibility of judge-ordered spousal support. In Pennsylvania, judges are given significant latitude in coming to determinations regarding the amount and duration of spousal support, alimony, or alimony pendente to award. Being familiar with the factors that courts consider can help spouses ensure that they receive a fair divorce settlement.

Child Support

Typically, the parent with visitation provides financial support to the custodial parent to help them with the expenses of raising the child. If parents cannot come to an agreement regarding child support, the court will calculate support based on the reasonable needs of the child and ability of each parent to pay. Pennsylvania follows a set of child support guidelines established by the state Supreme Court, which are based on the monthly income of both parents.

Marital Assets

Often, one partner handles the finances, leaving the other uninformed. To ensure a fair settlement, be familiar with your finances and the laws regarding marital property in your state. Pennsylvania is a community property state, therefore all property acquired by a couple during their marriage is subject to division. Also, courts in Pennsylvania will divide property equitably, and may consider several factors, including the income and debts of each spouse, the age and health of each spouse, and the duration of the marriage.

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