Tips to Enjoy the Holidays After Divorce

For many people, the holidays are a time of joy and celebration. For others experiencing a significant loss or change, the holidays may not feel so festive. This can be especially true for anyone who has been through a recent divorce. After divorce, the holidays will inevitably be different, but they can still be happy. The following tips can help those experiencing a divorce enjoy the holiday season:

  • Consider compromise: This tip is really for those with children. Rather than fight over where the children will spend the holidays, work toward a peaceful solution with flexibility and guidance from your divorce lawyer. Effective divorce agreements can prevent visitation disputes before they start.
  • Help others in need: Giving back is an incredible way to help your community and get your mind off your own situation. Consider spending a few hours at your local soup kitchen or animal shelter.
  • Include time for self-care: At a time when you may be feeling vulnerable and even lonely, do not overlook your own needs. Something as simple as a lazy day spent on the couch with a good book or a visit to the hair salon can be just what you need to relax and recharge.
  • Give yourself permission to grieve: Amid shopping, wrapping, baking, and all the chaos that comes with the holidays, be sure to give yourself time and space to mourn your loss. It is inevitably painful when a marriage ends, and if you do not grieve now, that pain will follow you into your future.
  • Simplify your celebrations: The holidays can be just as stressful as they are festive because there is so much to do. When you are divorced, you are no longer tackling your to-do list as a couple. It is okay to decline certain parties, gift exchanges, and other obligations for a relaxed holiday season.
  • Start new traditions: Now that you are embarking on a new phase of your life, why not mark the occasion with brand new traditions to celebrate this new beginning. Involve the children in choosing games, recipes, and decorations to make lasting memories at this time of transition.

Above all, allow yourself to process and move through the loss you experienced with divorce, especially during the holidays. With time for self-care, support from loved ones, and a focus on the things that matter, post-divorce holidays can be more joyful than you ever imagined.

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