Why Do Divorce Rates Increase in January?

Studies show that divorce rates increase in the new year, after months of decline. Reasons to explain this annual trend often have to do with the holidays. Some believe that couples, particularly those with small children, put off divorce until after the new year to allow for one last holiday season as a family. Others theorize that the pressure and unmet expectations of the holidays give people added motivation to look into divorce as a solution to an unhappy union.

Annual Trends

A 15-year study of divorce data yielded interesting trends. Over the years, there were two major peaks in divorce filings that occurred in March, after an uptick beginning in January, and in August, after steady rates of divorce between April and July. Speculation around the August increase has to do with the trend that families tend to vacation in July. Interestingly, vacations, like the holidays, offer family togetherness, along with the opportunity for high expectations to fall flat. Following the August spike, rates steadily decline over the last four months of the year, before January hits and the filings start rolling in over the next three months.

One Last Shot

Another similarity between the winter holidays and summer vacations might be that they represent the idea of one last effort to make things work. Some couples might see an opportunity to reconnect with getaways or seasonal traditions. When couples see that those efforts fail, they may see no point in putting off the inevitable.

New Resolutions

Another suggested reason for the spike in January divorce filings may have to do with the tradition of making resolutions in the new year to make changes to improve your life. For many couples, those improvements include divorce. If you decided that divorce is the right path for you, you should talk to a divorce lawyer about your options and the impact that a divorce will have on your life. An experienced family law attorney will be able to give you helpful advice about how to move forward with your decision to end your marriage.

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