What are Common Indicators of Divorce?

Recognizing the signs of impending divorce may come easy for some couples, but for other couples, the signs may not be as obvious. Knowing the signs that a divorce may be in your near future can help you prepare and find a divorce lawyer to help you through the process. If you suspect that a divorce is near, but are having trouble recognizing the signs, the following indicators are a few things to watch out for:

  • You are no longer having fun. If you notice that you or your spouse are not laughing or enjoying each others company anymore, this may be an indicator that divorce is near.
  • You are content living separate lives. If you have begun to make decisions without your spouse being aware, and you are not concerned with how they will react when they find out, this can be a bad sign.
  • There is abuse in the relationship. If there is abuse in the relationship, divorce may be your only option. Staying in an abusive relationship is never a good idea, and it may be the only obvious warning sign that a divorce is necessary.
  • You are fine with your spouse seeing other people. This does not include couples who have an open marriage. If you realize that you do not care if your spouse is seeing other people, this is also a sign that divorce is near.
  • You are only with your spouse because of your children. If you find that you are only with your spouse because of the children, that means that there is no longer a connection. It is common to think that staying with your spouse is better for the children, but that may not always be the case.
  • You do not want to come home to your spouse. Not wanting to come home to your spouse after work or after being out of the house all day is never a good sign.
  • You do not respect each other. A sign that the marriage is in trouble is if your spouse intentionally engages in behavior that they know will hurt you.
  • Relief comes with the thought of ending the relationship. If you find that thinking of ending the relationship or divorce fills you with relief, it may be time to take a step in that direction.

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