Post-Divorce Vacation Tips for Parents

Even an amicable divorce can be a stressful situation. Afterwards, many newly divorced men and women want to take a vacation to de-stress. In order to make sure the experience is filled with relaxation and does not end in more anxiety, divorced parents may want to follow a few steps.

Choose the Right Weekend or Week

Parents who want to take their children on a trip post-divorce should make certain the dates work with their child custody arrangement.  » Read More

Getting Your Finances Ready for Divorce

Making the decision to divorce is difficult, but couples who work together amicably through the process have the most successful outcomes. Preparing to separate marital finances can be an overwhelming task, but with careful planning and professional advice, each spouse can ensure that their legal rights are protected, and their financial assets and debts are distributed fairly.  » Read More

Preparing for Summer Childcare After Divorce

Childcare arrangements for the summer months are starting to be finalized, along with plans for highly anticipated vacations, summer camp, trips to the beach, and visits to see grandparents and relatives. For families of divorce, deciding who pays the childcare expenses when school is out for the summer can become a heated debate.  » Read More

Who is Responsible for Summer Childcare Expenses?

How to Tell Your Children You are Getting a Divorce

Telling your children that you are getting a divorce is never an easy thing to do. They may be too young to truly understand the situation or old enough to resent one or both of you for it. Learning that their parents are getting a divorce may leave a child with feelings of anger, sadness and confusion.  » Read More

Understanding Equitable Distribution

The division of marital assets and debt is a part of every divorce. The state of Pennsylvania applies “equitable distribution” to this process. While the term may seem to imply “equal” or 50/50 distribution, that is actually not the case. Equitable distribution involves assigning assets and debt fairly based on any number of contributing factors including how long the marriage lasted,  » Read More

Divorce and Life Insurance Policies

Many married couples purchase life insurance policies to protect themselves and their children in the face of an untimely passing. Having a life insurance policy can give people some assurances by providing for the family’s financial interests should a disaster occur.

Whenever there is a major change in a family’s circumstances, the life insurance policy may need to be revised or a new one initiated.  » Read More